Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sant Jordi/Saint George

Today it´s a very special day. I am from a little nation called Catalonia, and today I am little jealous of people living there. Saint George is an old tradition festival, every catalan guy gives a rose to his lover, and every woman a book to him. Well... Let's say there are several versions, I guess two books-one him, one her- and a rose is the average gift.

Cities, specially Barcelone, the capital, are plenty of bookshop stands in the streets offering some kind of discount, authors are there so you can get your book signed... People, with no exception, are in the streets walking around and having a look to all stands... It smells like one million roses, literally, this day is sold the 60% of the total amount of roses sales.

It's difficult to give an approach of this festival...I advise you to visit Barcelone on April 23rd, absolutely. Please, click here

Since today is the book and love day for me, a symbiosis of them:

(...)No hay que creerse un héroe.Usted no es nada. Eso es lo que me gusta. Siga así. No cambie. Siga así. Leeremos juntos."

Ese Amor, Yann Andréa)

Plus, today is my 9th anniversary with my own "him".


Toni said...
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Toni said...

Maria Jose, que no son 9, que son 8 (a no ser que estes hablando de otro o esto sea un flash-forward)

madame web said...

felicitaciones en todo caso por 8 o 9 años.

maria said...

eran 8...Estoy fatal