Wednesday, October 15, 2008

minute 2:30

minute 2:30

the Child goes to bed
knees are hurting,
while this pain
he is supposed to be growing...

recently the Man relearned how to run.
that was one of his best experiences,
just run, air, run

that Child uses to have this same dream:
he runs so fast...
at the end of the street
he begins to fly
and has this need
to say
-hey, look at me
if you run the most you can
at some point
you will be flying
without effort

while death is the best worst-case scenario,
this Man is at the right point,
at the right minute
no adds,
no buzz,
go fly the Self to that scenario, 2:30

MARIA ENGLISHLACKSKILLS, Minutes and selfs with no correction,

(To my husband, happy first wedding bithday)

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